Eccountant Features

All in one Cloud based Accounting for your business

Finally the ideal accounting and invoicing software is here. Everything you need to run your business is right here. You will be getting whole arsenal of features with Eccountant.

Online Book Keeping

Manage your entire business with Eccountant. In minutes record and track your sales and expenses, get paid faster, make invoicing and quotes painless, and so much more...
Stop wasting you time and money and start doing what you love, focus on building your business and leave the rest to Eccountant

Send / Receive Unlimited Invoices

Eccountant lets you record and track unlimited invoices for your sales and expenses, which makes your business able to run at a pace you like and makes you efficient...
Stop wasting you time and money and start doing what you love, focus on building your business and leave the rest to Eccountant

Managing Customers

Eccountant allow you to eaisly manage your customers. You can search customers on the basis of groups. You can add, view , edit and delete customers as required.

Generate Sales Report

Generating reports of products sold on particular period of time is not a big deal by using Eccountant. Eccountant provides you four ways to generate sales report i.e General Sales Report, Sales Report By Customer, By Value and By Product.

Record All Your Receipts

It is difficult and time consuming to keep records of all your receipts and to manually write receipt for your services or goods sold. Eccountant has made this so easy and time saving. By Eccountant you can easily keep record of your business receipts and generate receipt vouchers without any chance of errors.

Record All Your Payments

In business, a payment voucher can be used for a variety of purposes, sometimes taking the place of cash in a transaction, acting as a receipt, or indicating that an invoice has been approved for payment. You don't need to be worry because Eccountant has made all these tasks so easy to manage.

Record All Your Journal Transactions

Eccountant provides a very simple and user friendly interface for recording all of your Journal Transactions (vouchers) – which can include accruals, adjustments and other non cash/bank transactions. So, make and record your all journal transactions through “Eccountant” efficiently.

Generate Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet is very important for a company or a business to look at the profit and loss statement regularly. Making Balance sheet manually is quite difficult. But Eccountant has solve this problem. It will automatically generate balance sheet for the date you select.

Assign Rights To Users

Eccountant allows unlimited users and user control over different sections allowing its users to associate different team members to different tasks without having fear of interference in each others tasks. Users can have different roles in the system coupled with controls and restrictions making it effective and efficient to work with.

Multiple Companies

If you have more than one company and wants to manage their affairs separately for your convenience we have that covered too. Eccountant lets you manage more than one companies at a time and provide its users with the ability to work on them separately without creating any mess out of it. Also this facility is FREE of any cost.

Free 24/7 Support

Unlimited, round the clock email support and detailed Online help center.

Other Features

Always on the go (Work anywhere

Safe & Secure

Fast & Fully Optimized for performance

Easy Collaboration

Startups Focused

Suppliers Record

Customized Branding

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